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Fights and Competitions

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Congratulations to our Boxers!

Join us periodically in Colorado Springs and Denver for more great amateur boxing matches - give us a call at 719-264-8484 to find out the next dates of competitions.  US Amateur Boxing allows boys and girls starting from 8 years old through adults to compete in fun and exciting boxing matches.  Safety is key and all amateur boxers wear headgear, mouthpiece, and cup or chest protection.

Cody Hubbard, 9 years old and 55 lbs, won his 5th boxing match on Saturday, November 4th in Colorado Springs to bring his record to an impressive 3-2.

Samir Rezgui, 8 years old and 58 lbs, won his 3rd match at the same event to reach an undefeated record of 3-0.

Stay tuned for more bouts with our other fighters who did not get match-ups this time around: Kameron Beckett, heavyweight; Mario Mileto, 8 years old and Raymond Hubbard, 8 years old.

Cody preparing to enter the ring with coach Ali Rezgui and assistant coach (and dad) Bob Hubbard.

Cody (on left) landing a hard right cross

In between rounds getting water and advice.

Decision time - it's the blue corner!
To see photos of Samir Rezgui in the ring, see photos below from his first fight last August.

Raymond Hubbard, Samir Rezgui
and Cody Hubbard after the fights

Samir and Cody sharing their happiness
and big trophies

Congratulations to Mario Mileto (age 8) for competing in his first boxing match in Colorado Springs on October 21st. Even though the judges didn't give Mario the decision, he fought a great (very close) bout!! Just getting up in the ring is a huge success for all of our kids.


Samir Rezgui, 8 years old, 57 pounds, won his 2nd boxing match in Colorado Springs on Saturday, September 23rd, to bring his record to
an awesome 2 - 0.


Great work, Samir!! That trophy's about as big as you are!!


Samir also won his first boxing match by decision in Aurora, CO on August 26, 2006 - see photos below.

Congrats Samir!  Stay tuned for more great fights to come!



Congratulations to our other BFS Fighters!

Winner by TKO (RSC, Referee Stops Contest) in the 3rd round, against an opponent who had 25 fights
(this was only Alex's 5th fight) - GREAT JOB ALEX!!

Lost by decision in a close fight - keep on going, Puma!

Congratulations for the fights on April 21, 2001, Loveland Boxing Show

Winner by decision - great fight Puma!

The decision went to his opponent, but it was a close fight... better luck next time!

Also lost the decision in a fight many say he should have won... keep on fighting, Alex!!

Congratulations for the fights on March 24, 2001, Denver Police Brotherhood Boxing Show at the Grizzly Rose

Winner by decision - good job Istafa after a few months out of training!

Winner by TKO (Referee Stops Contest) in the 3rd round
Matt's FIRST fight! Cool and relaxed, Matt kept his hands up and used his combinations - left, right, uppercuts, hooks.

Lost his first fight, but it's a good experience that will help him be stronger for the next one - Good job, Brandon!!

SUNG KWON and ALEXANDRE REZGUI did not have opponents - get ready for April 21st in Loveland!!


Dan Tanis Rawlings, from Euclid, Ohio, who trains with Ali Rezgui at BFS in Colorado Springs, won the USKBA Muay Thai Welterweight World Title on August 26, 2000 in Cripple Creek, CO. After one minute and sixteen seconds in the first round, Rawlings knocked out David Cummings with a knee to the forehead. Cripple Creek, CO, Womack's Event Center.